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GS Support Program – 30 day

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In stock

Gluten Sensitivity Support Kit* – 30 Day Program

GS Support Program is a kit composed of eight formulas chosen for their ability to support the repair of damaged tissue, to restore immune system and eicosanoid balance and revitalize overall health in gluten sensitive individuals.* Also included is an informative program guide offering guidelines for living a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle.

The formulas in our GS Support Program work synergistically with a gluten-free diet to minimize the negative effects of gluten exposure in individuals with gluten sensitivity issues.

Kit contains:

  • GS Support Packets: 30 packets
  • GS Vitamin D3 (Micellized Vit D): 1 oz
  • E3 Advanced Plus: 60 capsules
  • GS Immuno PRP PRO Capsules: 120 capsules
  • GS Support Kit Booklet

Program Booklet