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Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner Program

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Transform your practice with the most comprehensive practitioner education available on Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivities, Wheat-Related Disorders and Autoimmunity
A few course highlights…
Current research and methods for early identification and assessment of overt signs and hidden symptoms of wheat-related disorders and autoimmune disease.
How to identify symptoms of wheat-related disorders outside of the GI tract, such as depression, brain fog, anxiety, bone loss, muscle pain, and neuralgia.
Potential triggers and mechanisms of the ‘autoimmune spectrum’.
How food sensitivities, the microbiome, and intestinal permeability contribute to the development of autoimmune disease and other chronic health conditions.
Why following a gluten-free diet may not be enough to stop killer inflammation.
What you need to know about lab testing, which tests to use, and how to evaluate results.
Clinically proven approaches and protocols to support your patients/clients.
How to educate your clients or patients and improve self-care compliance.
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