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Brain Biotix

60 Capsules
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In stock

Brain Biotix is the first comprehensive spore-based probiotic to combine spore-based, research-backed probiotics with organic prebiotic fibers. 

These spore-based probiotics withstand high heat AND harsh acidic environments (like your stomach), to deliver the results you want! Combined with a proven prebiotic (organic fiber gum), Brain Biotix facilitates the colonization necessary to begin changing the microbiome in your gut. Brain Biotix has nearly 2X the spore count when compared to other spore-based probiotics while no others contain prebiotics. This Sporebiotic is the ultimate choice to improve your brain-gut axis and MOOD · MIND · MEMORY.

Refer to label image for ingredient information.

Take 2 capsules per day to maintain a healthy gut-brain axis and healthy microbiome.

For chronic GI issues or during and after antibiotics increase dose to 2 capsules twice per day for 30 days.