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What is the Mechanism for SIBO Development?

CdtB toxins (cytolethal distending toxin B) are released by gastroenteritis causing bacteria against which antibodies are produced by the immune system. These antibodies interact with a protein called vinculin that is present in the intestinal cell-lining matrix. This interaction compromises the intestinal barrier leading to impaired digestive motility. This is key in SIBO development and recurrence.


Why Vibrant America?

Vibrant IBSSure™ may help to identify patients with IBS-D related SIBO. This blood test can reduce costs, reduce potential false-negatives associated with the current industry standard, the breath test, and assist with monitoring for SIBO recurrence.


How does IBSSure work?

One SST tube (serum tube) is collected and shipped to a CLIA and CAP accredited laboratory. Vibrant’s proprietary array of protein chips capture antibodies to CdtB and Vinculin using a chemiluminescent technology delivering high sensitivity and specificity of detection.


What does a Positive IBSSure mean?

If your result is positive, it is highly likely that you have IBS related SIBO. If IBSSure is inconclusive, you may benefit from the hydrogen/methane breath test. If you are taking steroids, anti-inflammatory medications, biologic agents, or any other immunosuppressive medications, you may not get an accurate reading of your antibody levels.


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