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What is the Organic Acids Test?

The OAT looks at complex biomarkers from various metabolic pathways. It is designed to measure metabolic dysfunction. Abnormal concentrations of organic acids provide functional markers for the metabolic effects of micronutrient inadequacies, toxin exposure, neuroendocrine activity, enzyme deficiencies, and intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

The OAT gives an overview of several major systems in the body and analyzes nutrient deficiencies. Utilizing this test can reveal the need for dietary modifications, antioxidant and nutrient support, detoxification, oxalate reduction, and other therapies.

Organic acids are measured by a combination of gas or liquid chromatography linked with mass spectrometry. They are most commonly analyzed in urine because they are more readily detected in urine. In fact, organic acids are often present at 100 times their concentration in urine rather than blood. There are over 1,000 organic acids that have been detected in urine.

Who Can Benefit from an Organic Acids Test?

The OAT is one of the most cost-effective tests for the impressive amount of information given. This is a great test to perform if you have chronic health issues even though conventional labs are “normal”. This test can be beneficial for children and adults.

The OAT is a valuable test for people with a variety of conditions. If you have sleep abnormalities, fatigue, accelerated aging, autoimmune disorders, chemical sensitivities, weight gain, and blood sugar dysregulation, you could benefit from the Organic Acids Test.

This test can be helpful for people with symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, and mood changes. People with skin issues such as acne, eczema, dermatitis or gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, gas, distention, nausea, and acid reflux should consider this test.

How to Perform an Organic Acids Test

The OAT is a simple at-home urine test.  You collect 10mL of first-morning urine before any food or drink is consumed.

Certain compounds can increase some of the key biomarkers and give false positives so proper nutritional instructions are important for accurate results. For 48 hours before you collect the urine sample, you should avoid apples, grapes, raisins, pears, cranberries, and their juices. You should also avoid arabinogalactan, Echinacea, reishi mushrooms, and ribose supplements for 12 hours before collection.

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