Cardio Tone

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“The future of cardiovascular research is to stop the disease before it starts. It sounds simple, but we haven’t really done that.”
-Dr. Steven Houser, president of the American Heart Association
Our new formula ‘Cardio Tone’ supplies carefully selected adaptogens alongside powerful and effective cardiovascular-supporting herbs.
Cardio Tone is formulated to help restore and maintain an elastic and youthful cardiovascular condition. The potent adaptogens also make important lifestyle adjustments much easier to achieve.
Each and every ingredient in Cardio Tone has been specifically chosen and combined for maximum systemic benefits.
Maral Root Extract (Rhaponticum carthamoides) – A powerful adaptogen which acts as a cardiac tonic and protectant
helps increase lean muscle mass and decrease fatty tissue.
Siberian Ginseng Extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus) – This well known adaptogen has been proven to reduce cardiovascular stress, lower and stabilize blood sugar to healthy levels, and encourages a more efficient lipid metabolism.
Nattokinase – (4) This is an enzyme/protein that speeds up biochemical reactions and helps to prevent and dissolve the formations of blood clots (thrombi)
addresses the problem of blood hyperviscosity, thereby preventing thick and sticky blood, which is not conducive to overall cardiovascular health.
Notoginseng Extract (Panax notoginseng )- (5) Called the “Preserver of Life” in Chinese, it is revered for its life-saving properties. This powerful root protects the heart and vascular system on many levels
contains anti-coagulant properties, antithrombotic effects, lipid lowering aspects, and more.
(6) Baicalin has many benefits and is also used for therapy in vascular inflammatory diseases.
(7) Cordyceps sinensis has a broad spectrum of healing properties. It is a great energy producer for athletes and elderly people. Cordyceps has been shown in research studies to cardiac output up to 60%.
(8) Green Tea Extract is another healthy energy producer and one of the more researched and promising supplements. It upregulates fat metabolism at rest and during exercise. In recent years the consumption of Green Tea Extract has shown to help prevent lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular disease because of it’s preventative effects on chronic inflammation.
(1) Pine Bark Extract
(2) Maral Root
(3) Siberian Ginseng
(4) Nattokinase
(5) Notoginseng
Take 1-2 capsules daily.
Do not take with prescription blood thinners.